Careers in sports

Connecting High School Student Athletes to the Vast Careers in the World of Sports

OUR Mission

Careers In Sports (CIS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to presenting career options in the sports industry to high school student athletes. We inspire youth from various socioeconomic backgrounds to seek lucrative careers off the field, creating a diverse workforce for the sports industry in both gender and race. 

Video of Our First Annual Fundraiser!


Careers in Sports provides information and knowledge to high school student athletes in an effort to channel their dedication to their athletic skills into a bonafide successful career within their chosen sport. We hope to inspire youth to seek meaningful and impactful careers in the sports world, off the field.

By the Numbers

Professional Stats

The stats show the probability of a high school athlete making it in the pros and making millions like Trout or Harden is very small. The probability of a high school athlete making millions over a lifetime pursuing a career in the sports industry is much higher.

Our goal is to equip student athletes with the desire, knowledge and forethought. This is accomplished through introduction to career opportunities, taking advantage of a college scholarship to learn the proper coursework for that chosen career, and internships in desired fields.

A study by the NCAA concluded:

“Sadly though, it comes as a rude surprise to many athletes yearning for a professional sports career to learn that the odds against success are astronomically high..Student athletes whose sole and now failed objective was to make the pros suddenly find themselves in a world that demands skills their universities did not require them to learn.”


So why careers in sports?


[1], PWC,,
[2] Facility building is in vogue, there is a growing backlog of ‘middle aged’ stadiums in the 15-24 year old age bracket that need to be updated to entice attendance

Sports Careers


Massage & Physical Therapists
Sports Nutritionists


Ad Sales
Digital Management
Game Design
Licensing Lawyer
Sports Apparel Designer
Sports Apparel Marketer
Sports Writer


Front Office Administration
Sports Information Director


Specialized Construction

CIS Programming

Step 1

CIS EXPO Registration

Hosted: Summer  

  • Scholarship criteria featured online at time of registration
  • Announce scholarship recipients at EXPO
  • Internship criteria online at time of registration. Application can be submitted for summer internship for the following year.
Step 2

CIS College and Career Preparation

Hosted: Fall and Spring

Workshops to include:  

  • College Readiness – NCAA rules, Financial aid process, Intro to college application process, SAT prep
  • Career Readiness – Personality test, Soft skills, Intro to job application
  • Job Coaching/Mentorship – Student receives guidance prior to securing an internship
Step 3


Hosted: Summer

In collaboration with corporations, small to medium size companies and community-based organizations, students will be placed in sports related internships.

Our goal

Fostering youth’s dreams of being in pro sports by introducing them to careers off the field.

We provide a road map to jobs that lead to rewarding careers in sports – which is not only more probable but can also be more lucrative in the future.


Each year, Careers in Sports will present an informative, engaging and high energy EXPO!

2021 EXPO Coming Soon!

The CIS EXPO provides the resources and information needed for high school student athletes to pursue careers off the field in the sports industry.

The CIS EXPO was launched in support of the advancement of Career Technical Education (CTE)1 goals and initiatives in high schools across the country. The CIS EXPO features sports industry leaders engaging with high school student athletes through interactive exhibits and educational workshops.

[1] Provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners…CTE prepares these learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and makes academic content accessible to students by providing it in a hands-on context. 2018 Advance CTE: State Leaders Connecting Learning to Work:


The workshops feature panelists representing a multitude of sports related careers to peak the interest of all attendees.

CIS Expo 2019

college prep

We provide a plethora of resources for scholarships to college and align students with the colleges that offer the various programs that lead to careers in the world of sports.

We encourage them to continue playing their chosen sport while studying towards a bona fide career.

entering the workforce

internship opportunities

In partnership with corporations, non-profits and business owners, CIS assists student athletes with seeking and securing internship opportunities, completing job applications and interview skills.

sponsorship opportunities

By being a sponsor of Careers In Sports, you are helping to sponsor educational conferences, scholarships, and internships that connect student athletes to:

  • In depth education of various careers in the Sports Industry
  • Renown individuals in the Sports Industry to gain knowledge and perspective
  • College scholarships to aid in attending the right college for their sport and their intended major
  • Internships at sports related companies

Educating kids on the sports industry as a whole, not just their individual skill, and encouraging them to pursue careers along with their athleticism in college is good Corporate Social Responsibility.


Nonprofit Promotes Careers in Sports off the Field
By Jo Kwon
Inaugural Careers In Sports Expo, Designed To Introduce Youths To Paths Outside The Playing Arena, Set For Aug. 10th At Banc of California Stadium